Can legal entities subscribe to MyBee?

Absolutely! All you have to do is fill out the form available on the page for business customers, and MyBee team will contact you. Once you have received our offer and decided what car you need, create a MyBee business account and confirm your choices.

How can I subscribe to a MyBee?

It is very simple to start a MyBee subscription. 

If you are a private person, just follow these few steps:

• Select the most attractive model and subscription conditions that suit your preferences, such as the advance payment, subscription period, additional services, etc.

• Sign up or register for a MyBee account to confirm your choice.

• Add your driving license, and credit card, approve your subscription agreement terms, and make the first payment.

If you are looking for a MyBee subscription for a business’ needs, please fill out the form on our business site, and the MyBee team will contact you.

Can I subscribe to a MyBee if I have previous financial obligations, and should I need a good credit history?

MyBee does not check a customer’s credit history and credit obligations but reserves the right not to provide the service to a customer.

Is a driving license issued outside the country valid?

You can only subscribe for a car if you provide the details of your driving license issued in Lithuania.

Using MyBee cars

How can I pick up my subscribed car?

After the first payment, you can go to the specified location to collect your car. To unlock your car, follow these steps: 

1. Log in to your MyBee account on the website.

2. Select “My Subscriptions” from the menu bar.

3. Click “Unlock”. You will find the car keys and registration document inside the car.

You can also order a car delivery service, and your car will be delivered to your desired location within 3 working days. 

How can I unlock a subscribed MyBee car?

To unlock your car for the first time, follow these steps: 

1. Log in to your MyBee account on the website.

2. Select “My Subscriptions” from the menu bar.

3. Click “Unlock”.

After unlocking MyBee through the website for the first time, we recommend you use a car key daily – you will find car keys inside the car.

Who is responsible for refuelling your new MyBee car? How much fuel is in the car once I pick it up?

You are responsible for refuelling. When you pick up MyBee, it will be filled with the standard amount of fuel sufficient for transportation suggested by the car manufacturer. We recommend that you check the fuel level and fuel up after picking up the car.

Can I change MyBee’s model during the subscription period?

If you want to replace the car, you need to terminate the agreement for your current car in accordance with the terms of your agreement with MyBee contract. You will have to sign a new agreement for the selected new car. To replace the car, contact MyBee team by e-mail info@mybee.lt or by calling +370 700 77 024. Please call on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm.

I have exceeded or will exceed the set subscription mileage. What can I do?

If you see that you will exceed the set subscription mileage, there are two options available.

You can contact MyBee team at info@mybee.lt and ask to change the conditions of the agreement for an additional fee. Otherwise, you will be charged for exceeding the specified mileage upon returning the car. The price of additional mileage is EUR 0.15 per kilometer.

Is it possible to terminate a subscription contract before the time specified in the contract?

Yes, but if you terminate the agreement before the end of the subscription period, an administration fee of EUR 150 will be charged also the monthly subscription fee will be recalculated (the monthly subscription fee depends on the length of the rental period). For example, if you have signed an agreement for a 2-year subscription, but want to terminate it after 1 year, you will have to pay the full amount that would have applied if you had opted for a 1-year subscription.

To terminate the agreement, contact MyBee team via e-mail at info@mybee.lt or call +370 700 77 024, and we will provide you with the recalculated pricing! Please call on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm.

Can I buy a MyBee car before the end of the subscription period?

If you are interested in buying the car, please contact MyBee team via email at info@mybee.lt and inform us about your interest. We will calculate the offered sale price and get back to you as soon as possible with the offered sale price and other conditions.

Payment and other charges

I am unable to pay the advance payment even though the card balance is sufficient. What should I do?

Please check whether your payment card has a transaction limit.

You can manage this limit by logging in to your bank account.

Can I use alternative payment methods for subscription aside from paying with a card?

Yes, it’s possible to make a payment by bank transfer.

If you are a natural person and choose to pay via bank transfer, please inform us after making payment each time.

Returning the car

How should I return MyBee at the end of the subscription period?

When the MyBee subscription ends, the car must be returned to one of MyBee’s partner service centers for evaluation of any possible defects. The customer is required to be present during the inspection.

What happens if my subscribed MyBee car has defects at the end of the subscription period?

If your MyBee car is found to have defects when you return it, you will have to pay the full cost of repairing any defects that exceed normal wear and tear. The limits of the damage coverage/deduction (liability) for the customer are set out in the subscription agreement.

Insurance and traffic accidents

Is my subscribed MyBee car insured?

During the subscription period, Cupra car has mandatory civil liability and KASKO insurance, so you don’t have to worry about insurance.

What should I do if subscribed MyBee car is damaged during an accident?

If you are involved in an accident, follow these steps:

• Call the police if more than 2 cars are involved in the accident, if there is a disagreement between the parties, if at least one of the parties is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, if there are injuries to people, if there is major damage to a car or if there is damage to property (buildings, signs, constructions, trees, etc). You can call 112, or 911 abroad.

• Fill in the accident statement. 

• Inform MyBee within 1 day by email servisas@mybee.lt or by phone +370 700 77 024 (calls are accepted on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm). You will also have to email MyBee a copy of the accident statement, a scanned/photographed car registration certificate, a copy of your driving licence, and the ROIK number provided by the police (if the police have been informed).

Can I get a replacement car while my MyBee is in the car service?

If your car needs to be repaired due to a technical breakdown or an insured event, and the estimated repair time is longer than one working day, MyBee will provide you with a CityBee (car sharing services) voucher worth EUR 300. This allows you to continue your daily activities without worrying about transportation while your car is being fixed.

Contact MyBee via email e-mail servisas@mybee.lt during working hours if you need a replacement car.

Car maintenance and additional services

If I subscribe to a MyBee car, can I park it in the city free of charge?

You have to pay for parking when driving a MyBee car.

What warranty applies to subscribed MyBee cars?

The car’s warranty is valid for at least two years from the date of first registration, and further warranties vary from model to model. To find out about your car’s warranty, please contact servisas@mybee.lt.

When my car is due for technical maintenance, what steps should I take?

Whenever it’s time for maintenance, we’ll notify you through email and guide you to your MyBee car’s official representative. All you have to do is contact them using the provided details, schedule an appointment at your convenience, and take your car to the workshop for maintenance. If you have selected the service “Technical maintenance and repair of wear parts”, MyBee will cover all repair costs, and you won’t have to pay anything. If you haven’t opted for this service, you’ll need to pay for the maintenance yourself. 

If you see car dashboard warning lights indicating technical maintenance sooner or need clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us at servisas@mybee.lt. We’ll gladly provide you with all the necessary information.

Other questions

Can I travel abroad with subscribed MyBee car?

Yes, you can, but you have to  inform us at info@mybee.lt at least 3 business days before you leave Lithuania. 

If you are planning a trip outside the European Union, you must get our written permission. Please contact us at info@mybee.lt at least 3 business days before your trip outside the European Union and indicate your destination and the travel dates. The price of issuing a permit is EUR 30 (thirty euros). 

Also, please note that you have to ensure that you have the following documents for the car when traveling outside the European Union: your car registration certificate, technical inspection document (green card), and compulsory insurance policy.

Can I affix extra stickers to the subscribed MyBee car if needed?

To affix additional stickers or attributes onto a MyBee car, you must obtain consent from MyBee. Please send your request to info@mybee.lt. The consent price is EUR 30. 

When returning the MyBee car at the end of the subscription period, all stickers must be removed, and the car must be free of any adhesive residue or marks (except for the official MyBee stickers).

Can I remove the MyBee stickers from the car?

Yes, the sticker can be removed, but the customer is responsible for ensuring that the sticker is removed professionally without leaving any adhesive residue.

Can another person (family member, employee, etc.) drive my subscribed MyBee car?

Yes, you can allow your family member, friend, or other person to drive your MyBee car. Please be reminded that the car cannot be used to teach driving to persons without a driver’s license. Also, you cannot rent your subscribed car.

What system is built into subscribed MyBee cars, and why?

MyBee cars have a built-in telemetry system to ensure for yourself pick up and to enable you to unlock the car via your account on MyBee website.