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Taking care of company vehicles shouldn't be your daily burden. MyBee cars – an easy mobility solution for your company.

How does it work?

Fill in the form below and MyBee team will contact you

MyBee team will prepare the contract and app logins for you

Choose the vehicles and submit the first payment

Easy car pick-up, available even on the same day. No long-term commitments or paper contracts

Why MyBee?

Fixed monthly payment

The possibility to buy the car at the end of the subscription period

Accounting of assets made easy

Car pick-up is available even on the same day

Brand new fleet, always

No need to worry about insurance or other services

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    How to rent a car on MyBee?

    It is very simple, you need to download the CityBee mobile app, add a payment card and a driver’s license (follow the instructions in the app, it is really simple).

    In the CityBee app, click on the black MyBee icon ‘my’. Choose the car you prefer, the rental conditions that suit you (deposit amount, rental period) and additional services.

    Confirm your choice in the mobile app and make the first payment – and the car is yours!

    Go to the specified vehicle location and unlock your MyBee car via the app. You will find the keys and all the documents inside the car.